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60% of all bankruptcies are from medical expenses. Protect you and your family from this risk by utilizing the coverages below.  All available plans are guaranteed issue, require no medical exams and can be purchased online.

Accidental Expense Plus Insurance
Accidental insurance is an ideal supplement to high-deductible health plans.

  • Pays dollar for dollar, emergency room to physical therapy 
  • Lump sum benefit paid for major critical illnesses, cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • Pays benefits regardless of other coverage
  • Pays quick and easy directly to your client
  • Guaranteed issue 18 - 64

Health Insurance Limited Indemnity Medical
This is an affordable, guaranteed issue alternative to traditional health insurance.  Consider health essential limited indemnity medical plans if you:

  1. Do not have adequate health insurance.
  2. Have health insurance with high deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses.
  3. Want to supplement the coverage you may have.

Short-Term Medical Insurance
Perfect for those inbetween coverage. Short term medical plans are ideal for those who are:

  1. Between jobs or laid off or waiting for employer benefits.
  2. Part-time or temporary employees or recently graduated.
  3. Without adequate health insurance.

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